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Inbound marketing can play a critical role in any comprehensive govcon marketing plan. Digital inbound marketing strategies offer a particularly valuable platform for increasing sales and improving the bottom line.

In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, however, this marketing approach has taken on an even more prominent role in the B2G sector.

The way government entities make purchasing decisions has undergone a fundamental shift. Taking advantage of digital platforms – which remain underused throughout the govcon sector – can provide significant advantages and allow your company to leverage a changing B2G marketplace.

How Inbound Digital Is Changing B2G Marketing

Where once government relationships were forged in person – and contracts negotiated face-to-face – today’s deals are done, more often than not, remotely. This trend emerged as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the need to maintain safe physical distancing. However, even as businesses and government agencies have begun to revisit traditional interpersonal interactions, many of the habits developed over the past 18 months have continued.

It’s safe to say that digital marketing will retain an important place in the future of B2G and govcon marketing. This is good news for government contractors as this powerful platform is both affordable and highly effective.

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Leveraging Value-Added Govcon Marketing Strategies

Here are three critical strategies that you can leverage today that will improve your inbound govcon marketing results.

Expand Your Digital Presence

The larger your digital footprint, the more your inbound marketing efforts will be working on your behalf. You can achieve this by expanding your website, adding landing pages or area served pages, adding social channels, or starting an email newsletter campaign.

Align Inbound Marketing with SEO Efforts

Once you establish your SEO keywords and key phrases, leverage them across every component of your inbound marketing plan. Use long-tailed key phrases and geo-targeting, if appropriate. Always make sure to incorporate your keywords in ways that are natural and organic. If not, Google will suspect you of keyword stuffing and you won’t get the results you aiming for.

Leverage Organic Content

Content marketing is effective in every sector today. In the B2G sector, it can be very influential. The reason for this is that this strategy remains primarily under-utilized. Google’s algorithms continue to put progressively more emphasis on fresh, well-written content. Continue to post relevant content– bonus benefits for long-form content – and align it with your SEO.

BONUS PRO TIP: You can increase your return on investment by leveraging different forms of your content across different platforms. For example, create a video or podcast based on a recent blog topic, and then promote your newest audio or video content with social media posts.

Choosing the Best Govcon Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

It’s important to trust your inbound digital marketing efforts to an agency that has experience with govcon marketing. These digital marketing agencies understand the unique aspects of your business and are well-positioned to get your business in front of the right influencers and decision-makers.

Ocean 5 Strategies assists government contracting companies with website design and development, email marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and more. Contact us now to learn how we can help improve the reach and efficacy of your govcon and B2G inbound marketing.