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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a structured process, driven by data analytics and analysis. When done well, SEO will increase the visibility of your website.

At Ocean 5 we optimize your website to dominate search engine results.

We identify the most common terms, used by real people, and restructure your website to make it easy for visitors to find the information they need.

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The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization (Why Choose SEO?)

Qualified Leads

SEO done well will attract the right people to your website, meaning those who are searching for your specific products and services. In turn, this increases the likelihood of closing deals and reduces the time and energy you have to devote to engaging with the people who will not ultimately buy.

More Sales

Getting found means more traffic to your website. More traffic, and higher levels of engagement with your target market, generates more qualified leads and increases sales.

Increased Brand Awareness

A higher position on search engine results pages means increased brand visibility. When your company appears on page one people take notice. SEO and (where appropriate) local SEO—done well—can get you listed multiple times on a single search engine page, making your brand stand out against the competition.

Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Investing in SEO as part of your market strategy should have a positive ROI, meaning it should generate more gross margin in incremental business than the cost of a robust SEO program. ROI varies from business to business.

Contact us to learn more about the ROI implications for your company. 

Businesswoman pulling SEO bannerSEO campaigns that get your website found by your target prospects when they search for your products/services online.

Why Choose Ocean 5 For Search Engine Optimization?

Expertise, transparency, honesty, and results.

Our SEO subject matter experts have the knowledge, tools, and experience to deliver results…because we really do know how Search Engine Optimization works!

SEO is one arrow in the marketing quiver and, while in isolation it has some value, integrated with other aspects of your marketing plan it can dramatically accelerate your lead generation and sales growth. As a growth agency, we look to your overall business development objectives and determine how, and if, SEO fits into your specific strategy.

Our core values are: add value, we do what we say we will do, and do the right thing. If SEO is the right tool for your business we will tell you—equally we will tell you if it is not.

Our SEO reporting provides understandable and transparent insights on the results derived from your investment—we make the complex seem simple!

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Included in Our Search Engine Optimization Marketing Programs


Technical SEO

  • Optimizing the website’s images and code to improve speed
  • Improving the navigation to provide access to the most important content
  • Identifying and fixing errors such as broken links
  • Ensuring the site is structured in a way that is easy for search engines to crawl and index in search results

Key Word Research

  • Identify the most relevant and attainable keywords for your business
  • Used to create relevant content, on-page optimization, and website optimization

On-Page SEO

  • Page URL
  • Page title
  • Headings and subheadings (H tags)
  • Image alt text
  • Writing the main body of the text to be engaging and relevant
  • Links to other useful resources for the reader
  • Meta descriptions—a summary of the page content that helps people understand what they will find when they click to your page from Google’s search results page

New Content

  • Ongoing creation of new original, relevant, and engaging articles
  • Written articles and supporting images optimized and added to your website


  • Ongoing generation of quality backlinks from websites with high domain authority

Local SEO

  • Set up and maintain Google My Business
  • Establish online listings and citations

Transparent Reporting

  • Easy-to-understand reports
  • Review and campaign adjustment based on data and analysis

What Our Clients Are Saying

Breadth of Experience in B2B and B2G

“We chose Ocean 5 because of their breadth of experience in B2B and B2G and unique approach to messaging and content marketing and their ability to create great content. We benefited from additional insights on multi-channel campaign planning, email marketing, search engine optimization, and leveraging marketing assets into paid advertising and social media.”

John Donovan

Director, Strategy & Analytics, BrightView

“On Schedule and Instant Results”

The project was completed ahead of schedule and improved the website performance from an F to an A+ rating. I would highly recommend Ocean 5 to other government contractors in the technology space.”

W. Addai

CEO, SecureSoft Technologies (SST)

“Remarkable Results!”

“Our SEO results were remarkable after engaging Ocean 5. We are in position one for highly relevant key terms. The increase in qualified leads has driven the highest monthly revenue, year over year, on record.”

I. Sturdevant


“Lead Generation—It Just Works!”

”We engaged Ocean 5 in the hopes of systematically and programmatically generating leads for our business—and that is exactly what has happened! It just works.”

B. Gerenstein

CEO, Rimstorm

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Businesswoman pulling SEO bannerSEO campaigns that get your website found by your target prospects when they search for your products/services online.