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Websites Built To Help CMOs, CGOs, and CEOs

  • Track, measure, and maximize marketing performance.
  • Reach ideal targets—clients, teaming partners, and top talent.
  • Capture and convert visitors into qualified leads.
  • Build trust, brand awareness, and nurture relationships.
  • Make the business development team’s job easier.
  • Satisfy the needs of boards and investors.

The Bad News About Traditional Website Design and Development

The traditional old-school website design process is broken.

Do you remember your last website design experience? The headaches, challenges, unreliable and inconsistent results typically experienced during a website redesign are the product of an outdated and broken process.

The Good News—There’s A New Standard

Growth-Driven Design (GDD) delivers measurable business value.

At Ocean 5, we use the Growth-Driven Design methodology—a smarter approach to web design that reduces the frustration and risk of traditional web design and delivers quicker time-to-value.

5 Biggest Problems with Traditional Old-School Website Design

5 Biggest Problems with Website Design

“Ocean 5 Has a Better Custom-Tailored Approach”

“Ocean 5’s proposal for the development of a new website was the only one that stood out as specifically for us. Other proposals looked to be a standard approach with the customer name swapped out and didn’t make us feel the vendors had a genuine interest in enhancing our most public presence. Much of the presentation was actually an interactive discussion where we posed our ideas and concerns, and Simon and Kris presented possible solutions. We moved forward with Ocean 5 for the user discovery in preparation for a full website rebuild and are pleased with the information captured from our 4 key target audiences. Ocean 5 took over content management of our current site which presented the ability to become more familiar with its users and uses.”

D. Cooke

Sr. Director, Marketing & Communications, Americold

What Is Growth-Driven Design?

Growth-Driven Design drives optimal results by learning about your visitors through data and continually improving the performance of the site. It is an investment that produces reliable month-over-month growth. Your website becomes stronger as you continue to measure, iterate and act.

Traditional website design and development-vs-Growth Driven Design website agencies

The Growth-Driven Design Impact

Quicker time to value

GDD websites require less upfront time, energy, and resources from your company and launch in about half the time of a traditional website with substantially less upfront cost.

Drives better results from revenue

Traditional web design has a broken “set it and forget it” mentality. Growth-driven design has a continuous “improvement over time” mentality—a better playbook for growth.

Creates happier clients

Clients are more satisfied with the GDD process compared with traditional outdated web design. Who wouldn’t be with more flexibility, a better timeline, reduced upfront costs, and data-driven refinements leading to quicker time to value?

Website designe and development for B2B and B2G ROI and business growth

Ready To Start Your GDD Website?

The 3 Major Stages of Growth-Driven Design?

1. Strategy

The strategy phase is critical for success and driving growth. Strategy workshops help us gain an understanding of your company, clients, and what it will take to reach your goals.

We realize that clients don’t hire an agency to create “stuff” they hire us for results and growth. A website needs to help your business grow, or it’s not a successful website.

2. Launchpad

The goal of a launchpad website is to efficiently build a website with superior design and performance compared with what you have today but isn’t a “finished” set-it-and-forget-it product. Your launch pad is the foundation we build upon and optimize based on actual user data from visitors interacting with your site.

Launching efficiently creates quicker time-to-value compared to the typical six or more months of a traditional website design project.

3. Continuous Improvement

We use a website performance roadmap and live data to determine the most impactful improvements and activities—the ones that drive results and growth. Your website becomes stronger as you continue to measure, iterate and act.

Every business and website is different. This is why we let the performance metrics and actual user data to guide our customized recommendations and improvement focus.

Why Ocean 5 For Your Growth-Driven Website?

What Our Clients Are Saying

“On Schedule and Instant Results”

The project was completed ahead of schedule and improved the website performance from an F to an A+ rating. I would highly recommend Ocean 5 to other government contractors in the technology space.”

W. Addai

CEO, SecureSoft Technologies (SST)

“Makes Things Easy”

“I’m extremely impressed with how Ocean 5 handled our large complex multi-national website—from content updates, technical performance improvements, and security challenges. The Ocean 5 development team is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive, making things easy.”

D. Cooke

Sr. Director, Marketing & Communications, Americold


“We have seen an immediate increase in qualified leads from the strategies and implementation of marketing activities. Within 2 months post-website launch, we attracted a multi-million-dollar contract opportunity from the growth-driven design work from Ocean 5. An overall outstanding experience.”

E. Dent

Director of Communications, Fincantieri Marine Group

“Knowledgable and Insightful”

“I knew we would get a great website. What was well beyond my expectation was how much we would learn as Ocean 5 took us through the design and development process. An overall outstanding experience.”

E. Dent

Director of Communications, Fincantieri Marine Group

A Sampling of Our Clients

We have a wide range of clients, however, we are particularly recognized for our expertise in growing business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (GovCon B2G) companies. Our clients include cyber security, staff augmentation, IT/technology/IoT, engineering, logistics, and manufacturing companies.

Mutualink-Marketing for Government Contractors
BrightView Digital Marketing Services for B2B and B2g
Fincantieri logo for government contractor website design and development
WBB client logo for government contractor website design and development
Futron logo
Americold Logo Marketing for B2B Content Marketing
Summit Insight Logo
Cougaar Software logo for government contractor website design and development
Metro Medical client logo for government contractor website design and development
ISS Logo
accelera logo
Mylan Logo
Metro Medical client logo for government contractor website design and development
Findwhere logo website design and marketing for government contractors
SMG3 marketing to operations, logistics, and IT leaders
Critical Path website design and marketing for government contracting

The Ocean 5 Proprietary Process SWIM®

Our clients get results with Ocean 5's personalized programs and proprietary methodology, SWIM®Strategy With Implementation and Measurement®.

SWIM® utilizes a Growth Driven Design (GDD) + agile mentality and the latest in marketing technology, data analytics, and continuous improvement processes—generating considerable ROI and a substantial leg up on the competition.

— The Ocean 5 Difference —

Business Development and Growth with marketing


We build long-term collaborative partnerships with our clients.


We combine strategy, consulting, and marketing execution.


We align business development and financial objectives with measurable results from marketing.


Ocean 5 clients have a record of realizing 500% ROI!

Over 45 Awards

We are proud to have received over 45 marketing and communications awards of distinction from:

DotComm Awards, Videographer Awards, MarCom Awards, Hermes Creative Awards, Davey Awards, The Millennium Awards, APEX Awards for Publication Excellence, and Spotlight Awards from the League of American Communications Professionals.

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