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Today’s Challenges

  • Implementing effective marketing automation programs can be a daunting task for new HubSpot users—and even veterans to the system can benefit from a boost.
  • Kick-starting marketing automation campaigns requires knowledge, skills and focus to get over the initial hump.
  • Building a plan to succeed is critical. Understanding how to structure the campaign assets makes life, oh, so much easier down the road.
  • Creating the volume of high-quality content necessary can be overwhelming. You understand your business and your client needs and you are perfectly positioned as subject matter experts in your field. But content generation—in the plethora of different possible formats and in the volume you require—may need a little help.
  • Using the HubSpot tools seemed pretty straightforward during the demos, but now you own it—and there are so many moving parts!
  • Getting sales team buy-in is critical. New software and new measurement systems are often met with skepticism and possibly outright resistance. Demonstrating how fully qualified leads can be introduced into the sales pipeline—and improve the overall sales success rate—can bridge the transition.
“Condensed group opinions in a clear and easy way that helped to define worldwide strategies.”
J.C. Rodrigues

President, International Engineering Corporation—Brazil

What We Do


Marketing Strategy and Campaign Planning

Plan your marketing automation campaigns and integrate inbound into your overall corporate strategy.

  • For most companies, digital marketing is just one piece of the puzzle—we help integrate marketing automation into the broader marketing strategy.
  • We develop a detailed marketing automation campaign plan, as part of our campaign-planning workshop.
  • We create target personas and a detailed content plan for each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Campaign Setup and Implementation

Build campaigns that engage your target personas as they step through the buyer’s journey and present qualified leads to your sales team. We will help you:

  • Set up and implement campaigns within your HubSpot software.
  • Build out the campaign assets—content, landing pages and CTAs.
  • Build automated email workflows.
  • Establish campaign performance metrics.

Program Management and Process Improvement

Analyze campaign performance, calculate the return on investment and continuously improve your results: leads, conversion rates and sales. We will help you:

  • Run campaigns to guide your target audience through the buyer’s journey—attract, convert, close and ultimately delight you customers.
  • Analyze results and past performance and adjust campaign.

Provide Skilled Resources

Leverage our resources on an interim basis for training and/or as an ongoing supplement to your in-house marketing team.

  • We provide subject matter experts to fill in gaps in your own team’s current knowledge.
  • We can work alongside your existing team to run campaigns and provide training, or remain an external resource without increasing your headcount.
  • Leverage our Graphic Design and Content Creation expertise to drive your marketing automation program forwards.

HubSpot Setup

New to Hubspot software? Let us share enlightening tips and tricks to get the job done in fraction of the time.

  • Efficiency is the key and our experience means we do the job right the first time. If you get the naming conventions and data structure right, it will all make sense. But, get it wrong and you could be backpedaling for months.
  • We will set up the software and then build out the initial assets to get you up-and-running your first campaign with less stress and frustration—saving precious time.

Integrate with your CRM

Get sales and marketing alignment with full-funnel reporting.

  • Work with our software integration team to get full visibility throughout your entire sales and marketing pipeline by integrating HubSpot with your existing CRM system such as Salesforce.
“Strong analytical, strategic, technical, and marketing skills that brought great value to our organization.”
M. Shellenbarger

Global VP Business Development, Multinational Corporation

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