Sales and Marketing Performance Enablement

SWIM® in a Nutshell

There are countless marketing and sales tools available. But for them to be useful, they need to be organized under the umbrella of a strategy and their true impact on the business measured. SWIM® does just that—through the systematic adoption of the four fundamentals.

The SWIM® Concept

SWIM® comprises four fundamental components:

Client’s who have implemented SWIM®  methodologies have enjoyed improved operational performance and tangible financial growth, here are some examples:

Short-Term Benefits:

  • 36% reduction on marketing spend‚ reallocated to higher-performing activities
  • 30% increase in sales (vs 20% target)
  • 266% increase in sales conversion rate

Long-Term Benefits

  • Company growth from 7 to 215 employees
  • 500% increase in new client acquisition
  • 100% growth in revenue
  • 34% sales growth in one year, 218% increase in net profit

Learn How SWIM® Works

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Strategic Impact!”

“Ocean 5 brought a new perspective to our messaging and campaign development. With strategic consideration of target verticals, personas and problems solved, we expanded our campaigns’ reach, accelerated execution, and reduced the overall cost.”

John Donovan

Director, Strategy & Analytics, BrightView


“We have seen an immediate increase in qualified leads from the strategies and implementation of marketing activities. Within 2 months post-website launch, we attracted a multi-million-dollar contract opportunity from the growth-driven design work from Ocean 5. An overall outstanding experience.”

E. Dent

Director of Communications, Fincantieri Marine Group

“Makes the Comples Seem Simple”

“I was impressed with Ocean 5’s ability to make the complex seem simple.”

We provide technology and IT solutions (SaaS) to both the federal government and private sector. Ocean 5 stood out due to their expertise in both.”

B. Rook

CEO, Captiva Inc.

“Impacting Sales Revenue”

“The entire process was smooth and professional—always moving forward, and completing projects that impact sales revenue.” 

W. Addai

CEO, SecureSoft Technologies (SST)

Working backwards—starting with the end in mind—let’s look at each SWIM® element in turn…


The most obvious measurements for any business are sales, gross profit, net profit, and return on investment. There are many financial ratios and key performance indicators (KPIs) which are well established in the areas of accounting and finance. However, it is not quite so clear-cut measuring the effectiveness of a sales and marketing plan, the individual programs within that plan, and the performance of the people executing those plans.

SWIM® enables our clients to see the progression towards the established financial goals and objectives—and directly ties back to the overall success of the business.


Strategy is a fancy word for “how”—how are we going to achieve our goals and objectives?

Sound strategies are based on an analysis of the business and the competitive environment in which you operate. Our SWIM® Coach will help you undertake the necessary research, develop your growth strategy and define the action plan. Each action will drive towards your objectives.

Implementation of SWIM®

Ocean 5 Strategies® focuses on the implementation and continuous improvement of sales and marketing processes in order to achieve sales and new client acquisition goals. And, through our management consulting services, we extend our reach into other areas of business that are impeding—or could enhance—the success of the sales and marketing programs.

Strategy and Implementation are both equally critical—further illustrating the importance of the silent “AND” in Strategy With Implementation AND Measurement®

“Pure Genius! The marketing strategy workshop with our executive team was excellent. We now have a clear direction and an executable plan.

We are looking forward to working with Ocean 5 on the implementation phase.”

M. Guthrie

SVP & Chief Growth Officer, Mutualink

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