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Earlier in our series on website design companies, we discussed the differences between a Freelance Website Designer and a Web Design Agency. We also compared a Website Design Company with a Growth Agency.

In this article, we take a closer look at the growth agency vs. a digital marketing agency.

If you are looking to grow your business, you will want to understand the similarities and differences between a digital marketing agency and a growth agency. And, maybe most importantly, which will give you the best ROI?

Overall there are multiple types of companies that offer website design services – and you can learn more about them in our guide: Seven Types of Website Design Companies.

Differences Between a Growth Agency and a Digital Marketing Agency

The concept of “growth” as a discipline is now quite normal. Companies are hiring Chief Growth Officers, and the role of Growth Marketing Managers is emerging. Equally, Growth Agencies are also now recognized for the value they bring to clients.

The most significant differences between a digital marketing agency and a growth agency are:

  1. Focus on business objectives (rather than specific marketing tools)
  2. The breadth of skills, experience, and multi-discipline implementation capabilities
  3. Measurement of performance

Website Design Services

Digital Marketing Agencies and Website Design
Digital marketing agencies typically provide services intending to generate website visitors and leads. These can include website design, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

The conversion of a lead into qualified sales opportunities—and ultimately a sale—is typically outside the engagement’s scope.

Websites are a necessary part of the digital marketing agency offering. Without it, they cannot sell their other digital marketing services.

Growth Agencies and Website Design
Growth agencies will also provide digital marketing services, including website design – but the focus is on the overall business success.

Growth means considering the entire sales and marketing pipeline, with the measurement of success being profitable sales growth. Digital marketing is one tool that drives growth; however, generating leads is only part of the story.

In the growth agency model, a website is a tool. It is the digital platform owned and, most importantly, controlled by you. The website is the focal point for sales and marketing activities (digital and physical), for educating buyers in the early research mode, and helping sales and business development close deals faster.

Which One Builds Better Websites?
As with any type of company, there are good ones and bad ones, and you have to do your due diligence to make sure you hire a good website design company.

Check their websites

  • What is their focus?
  • Does it impress?

Interview them

  • Whose interest do they have at heart?
  • Your business growth or selling their products?
  • Are they able to give a clear explanation as to why their websites are better?
  • Is the design and build process transparent?
  • Do they understand your target industry and your products?

Learn more with our free guide: How to Choose a Website Design Company

Other Topics to Discuss When interviewing Website Design Agencies

If you are hiring external support for your website or marketing, consider asking questions on the following:

Strategy is a fancy word for “How”. As in “How will I achieve my goals and objectives?”

Ask how the website will contribute to your overall business success (here’s a hint: a website by itself is simply an online presence. Without a supporting campaign, it can not generate new business).

Learn more about strategy workshops

Messaging is the ability to convey why your company, products, and/or services are the right choice for the target audience.

A good product with bad messaging is unlikely to succeed. Will your website company help you get it right?

Learn more about messaging workshops

New Product Introduction
The introduction of a new product often drives website updates.

Does your website design company have experience in the new product launches? And can they advise how the website will win new customers?

Sales and Marketing Alignment
Websites are typically considered a marketing tool. But, what if it could also shorten sales cycles and increase close rates for new deals?

Can your website design company explain how?

Content Planning
Content is the foundation of marketing programs. Can your website company help you understand how to generate content that:

  • Has a specific purpose in the buyer’s journey and ultimately leads to a sale?
  • Can be repurposed into other media (video, webinars, etc.) – saving thousands of dollars?
  • Can be syndicated across social media and other platforms?

Content Development
Good writers can write about anything—or so they say.

That is not the case if you are in a field such as data security, artificial intelligence, compliance, data visualization, interoperability, cloud services, and a host of other technology products and services. In practice, you are expected to be a subject matter expert irrespective of your industry.

Does your website company have experience and writers capable of supporting your content needs?

Digital Marketing Agency OR Growth Agency – Which Delivers Better ROI?

As always—it depends.

Does your internal marketing team already have a proven marketing process, and all you need is to plug a gap in your capacity or skill set? In that case, a digital marketing agency could be the right choice.

On the other hand, if you are looking to leverage outside expertise to accelerate your overall business performance, then a growth agency is the way to go.

Growth agencies are also experts in digital marketing. However, rather than selling these services as the final product, digital marketing tools and techniques are applied, as appropriate, as part of a comprehensive growth plan.

Websites by Ocean 5 – Making Revenue Goals a Reality

Ocean 5 is a Growth Agency and has been in that role since 2010 – before the term “growth agency” became popular. We specialize in B2B (business to business) and B2G (government contractor) marketing.

Ocean 5 uses the principles of Growth-Driven Design to build a digital platform for accelerated lead generation and Agile project management to launch your new website on time and on budget.

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