Why a growth agency is better than a website design company

When looking for a custom website design it can be hard to know where to begin. After all, there are so many different design companies out there and they all seem to offer a different level of service.

It’s important to ask yourself what level of service your business needs…and what level of service your business can afford. Or maybe a better question…can your business afford not to invest in a higher level of service?

Let’s take a look into the differences between a web design company and a growth agency.

Choosing the Right Web Design Agency – Questions to Consider

  • Do we need a partner or is this a transactional relationship?
  • What level of consultation do we need?
  • How much are we willing to invest?

Website Design Company

Website design companies are a more formalized version of a freelancer who employs or contracts with professional designers.

Their web design services typically will include website update packages as part of their web design costs. This could include integrating media elements such as videos, audio, and images. They will conduct speed and performance testing to ensure these elements don’t cause a lag in loading. Some also provide hosting services as part of their offerings.

You will need to have some experience when contracting with a web design company. You will need to know which platform you prefer (or are using); if you need a full-stack, frontend, or backend developer.

We should also note that website design companies typically offer limited or no consultative advice on integration with other marketing programs.

Growth Agency

A growth agency, on the other hand, incorporates marketing, sales, and technology to help its clients achieve their revenue goals.  They combine consulting and expertise in marketing execution with the goal of growing your business in a true partnership relationship.

A growth agency combines digital marketing, marketing services (content and graphic design), as well as strategic planning. A successful growth agency will be data-driven, flexible, and have the ability to scale quickly. Their focus will remain on the strategic objective outlined and agreed upon.

Your growth agency should become an extension of your team with a complete understanding of your business.

Matching the objectives for your next website design project with the skillsets of the various website design companies will help you select the right type of company for you.

Free Guide to Website Design Companies

Learn the pros and cons for each of 7 different website design companies.

Here are just a few:

  • What are the cost differences between website design companies?
  • Is your website company offering a transactional or partnership relationship?
  • Are website design and project management included?
  • Pretty vs. profitable?

To learn more about the seven different types of website design companies download our Free Guide: Which Website Design Company is Right for You?

Free Guide: 7 Types of Website Design Companies

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