Attracting Top Talent: 7 Branding Best Practices for Government Contractor Websites

Struggling with recruiting top talent in GovCon? Achieve success with these 7 website best practices to help you turn your government contracting website into a powerful tool.

Competition for recruiting top talent in government contracting is intense. Today’s job seekers prioritize companies with shared values, strong brand identity, work-life balance, and growth opportunities.

The post-COVID “Great Resignation” is impacting both government contractors and agencies. Deltek identified this in its list of 10 government contracting trends to watch in 2023: “Both agency and business leaders will be facing similar challenges in hiring, recruitment, retention, diversity, inclusion, skill development, and demand for a flexible work environment.”

To recruit top talent, make sure your government contractor website makes a powerful first impression. This article presents 7 website best practices for hiring top talent.

Define Your Government Contractor Brand Identity

Every brand identity encompasses visual elements like logos, images, and design. To attract top talent, a strong brand identity must also reflect the company’s mission, values, and value proposition. This foundation supports all government contracting marketing efforts, from business development to talent acquisition.

You want potential employees and customers to perceive your company as an “employer of choice” with an inclusive work environment that encourages retention. A compelling brand identity—incorporated into your website’s careers section—attracts candidates aligned with your organization’s purpose.

Be sure to present your government contractor brand identity consistently across all channels—including your website, social media, proposal responses, and recruiting materials. Use a tone and language reflecting your brand personality. Remember to incorporate images and visuals representing your corporate look and feel.

Incorporate Your Mission and Values into Your Government Contractor Website

Government contractor and agency workers are often motivated by public service and patriotism. As a result, displaying a well-defined corporate mission statement on your government contractor website can help you attract talent. It provides a sense of purpose and helps potential workers envision their contributions to your organization and the country.

Your website also should demonstrate that your corporate values are genuine. For example, if your organization is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), ensure this message is reflected in hiring practices and the composition of your leadership team.

Promote actions like recruiting veterans or people with disabilities, forming employee communities for diverse groups, and recognizing cultural differences and holidays in company policies on your government contractor website.

Establish a Compelling Value Proposition

Your value proposition concisely summarizes the unique benefits you provide to customers. It describes why they should do business with you instead of your competition.

Developing a compelling value proposition requires a strategic, in-depth approach. Start with these fundamental questions from Harvard Business School:

  • What is your brand offering?
  • What job does the customer hire your brand to do?
  • What companies and products compete with your brand in doing this job for the customer?
  • What sets your brand apart from the competitors?

Prominently display your value proposition throughout your website and in your website careers section. Use real-world examples to illustrate it and make it tangible for potential employees.

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Develop an Authentic Employer Brand Reflecting Your Culture

The employer brand is your value proposition for employees. It communicates your organization’s values, culture, and growth opportunities. It conveys what makes your workplace exceptional and why candidates should join your team.

Candidates want insights into what it’s really like to work for your company. Use your website to describe company culture, initiatives, benefits, and programs fostering a positive environment. Showcase diversity, inclusion, employee resource groups, and community involvement. Demonstrate work-life balance, career progression, and professional growth opportunities.

Authenticity is paramount in GovCon marketing. The community is tight-knit; if claims aren’t credible, candidates will avoid you. Share quantifiable experiences through testimonials, stories, photos, and videos, enticing talented individuals to join your organization.

Align Your Employer Brand with Customer Priorities

Government contractors typically need to hire individuals with specific security clearances or experience working on previous government programs. A strong employer brand helps you attract and retain workers with the necessary qualifications and experience to ensure compliance with contractual requirements. It also reinforces important win themes to your government customers and prospects, positioning you favorably for future opportunities.

For instance, when your website promotes DEI initiatives for employees, you also reinforce that message to your government customers. These values are increasingly important for compliance with regulations, programs, and mandates such as the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Small Business Administration (SBA) requirements, and objectives in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

Do you offer paid time off for volunteering or engage in team-building projects that support military veterans or troops? Are employees involved in clothing drives, blood bank donations, carpooling initiatives, or sustainability activities? Promoting these positions your company as a good corporate citizen that values its employees and the missions of agencies such as the DoD, VA, HHS, DOT, and EPA, to name just a few.

Showcase Wins, Accomplishments, and Government Contract Awards

Your accomplishments and awards validate your expertise and leadership position while building trust with candidates and agencies. Promote tangible successes on your website, including:

  • Recent contract wins or large deals (if appropriate)
  • Product launches
  • Industry partnerships
  • Major investments or fundraising successes
  • Acquisitions
  • Commendations and case studies from government agencies for successful projects.

These announcements keep your content fresh and demonstrate positive momentum that will attract top talent.

Highlight Thought Leadership and Innovations on Your Government Contracting Website

Government agencies and job seekers value dynamic, forward-thinking companies. Thought leadership activities and documented innovations convey growth, opportunity, and excitement. This attracts individuals who are passionate about making a difference, driving change, and pushing boundaries in their field.

Highlight projects where your organization has solved complex agency challenges delivered exceptional results, or implemented cutting-edge technologies. Evidence of your innovative capabilities will resonate with top talent seeking to work on engaging and impactful projects.

Leverage your website to showcase your subject matter expertise through blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, articles, interviews, and speaking engagements. This content establishes your credibility and demonstrates your commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

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Recruiting Top Talent Begins with Your Government Contractor Website

With a strong brand and compelling messaging on your website, you can position your company as an employer of choice and attract the best candidates in the government contracting industry.

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