Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a structured process, driven by data and analysis, to increase the visibility of your website online.

Is SEO Right for My Company?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a structured process, driven by data and analysis, to increase the visibility of your website online.

Our SEO campaigns get your website found, by your target prospects, when they search for your products/services online. We identify the most common terms, used by real people, and structure your website to make it easy for visitors to find the information they are looking for.

The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization (Why Choose SEO?)

More Sales

The number one benefit of SEO is getting your business found online. Getting found means more traffic to your website. More traffic and higher levels of engagement with your target market generate more leads and more sales.

Clearly, there is more to winning a new customer than just SEO, but having the best product/service in the world that no one knows about doesn’t work either!

Qualified Leads

SEO done well will attract the right people to your website, meaning those who are searching for your specific products and services. In turn, this increases the likelihood of closing deals and reduces the time and energy you have to devote to engaging with the people who will not ultimately buy.

Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Investing in SEO as part of your market strategy should have a positive ROI, meaning it should generate more gross margin in incremental business than the cost of a robust SEO program.

However, there are a number of things to consider:

  1. SEO, by its nature, is a long-term investment—think in terms of 6 months plus for tangible results with incremental improvements thereafter
  2. ROI varies from business to business.
  3. ROI will be impacted based on the level of competition

We can help you figure out if SEO is the right tool for you—Contact us to learn more about the ROI implications for your company.

Increased Brand Awareness

A higher position on search engine results pages means increased brand visibility. Winning positions 1-3 in organic search, together with a local search optimization win in the Google map pack and other listing services makes your company stand out from any and all competitors.

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Measuring SEO Performance

Since most SEO activity is behind the scenes, it is important to measure the impact of your SEO investment. There are dozens of nitty-gritty KPIs (key performance indicators) that we look at to optimize the SEO campaigns for our clients, and the most common complaint we hear is that all that data is simply overwhelming—and it is!

There is however a shortlist of top-level KPIs you should monitor once the campaigns start to produce results, including:

  1. Increase in website traffic
  2. Position in search engine results pages (SERPS) a.k.a. “getting on page one”
  3. Leads generated from Search Engine Optimization activities
  4. The performance of the target keywords for your business

Reports need to reflect these core metrics and SEO companies should take the time to explain what they mean for you.

Since it takes time for Google to rank websites, it can appear that very little is happening in the first few weeks of a new engagement. And, sadly, with some SEO companies that may be true. As a client commissioning SEO work it is important to know what tasks are being undertaken that will lead to the results you deserve down the road. Transparency is a fundamental principle of our campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a structured process, driven by data and analysis, to increase the visibility of your website online.

How Does SEO Work?

Google’s* primary objective is to present the best possible results to the people that use their search engine. In order to do that, Google has a complex algorithm to measure the quality of websites.

SEO is the structured and systematic approach to adhering to the principles that Google (and other search engines) use to rank websites in their Search Engine Results Page (SERPS). It requires a deep understanding of the principle and up-to-date knowledge of the frequent adjustment to those principles.

* Means Google and other search engines. However, given the overwhelming dominance of Google as a search engine, we are focusing the commentary around Google.

Ongoing SEO

There are over 250 indicators that drive SEO results, which makes things quite complex. However, two primary drivers for ongoing SEO are:

  1. Addition of high quality, relevant content to your website
  2. Building backlinks to your website from other credible websites

The credibility of a website is measured in terms of domain authority (a number from 1 -100) and a backlink from a DA 40 website therefore carries more weight than a backlink from a DA 10 website.

Consistently adding content and high domain authority backlinks have a positive impact on SERPS (Search Engine Result Page) positioning.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a structured process, driven by data and analysis, to increase the visibility of your website online.

Keyword Research

Before embarking on writing content, it is necessary to understand the common terms your target audience is using in their search terms, hence keyword research. We use the best tools available to identify the search volumes for keywords that are relevant to your business. We then use these as a baseline for optimizing both your website and individual web pages for the search terms that matter.

SEO Set-Up

Before embarking on ongoing SEO it’s important to build a solid foundation, meaning the website itself.

Google has developed ways to measure website “user perception”. We include “user perception” as a criteria for undertaking the technical search engine optimization for your website.

Set-up, as the name implies, is a series of tasks we complete at the beginning of a new engagement and continue to monitor as part of the ongoing program–making adjustments along the way.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO assumes you already have a decent website that is mobile-friendly and is built on a platform that is capable of being optimized. If it is not, we would recommend a new website design and development project.

Technical set-up involves:

  1. Optimizing the website’s images and code to improve speed (no one likes a slow website—visitors will simply click to another site if its too slow)
  2. Improving the navigation to provide access to the most important content
  3. Identifying and fixing errors such as broken links
  4. Ensuring the site is structured in a way that is easy for Google to crawl and index in their search results

On-Page Optimization

Optimization of individual pages allows Google to understand what each page is about and therefore present it when someone searches for that topic.

  • On-page optimization is the process of making a number of elements on the page search engine friendly, for example:
  • Page url
  • Page title
  • Heading and subheading (H tags)
  • Image alt text
  • Writing the main body of the text to be engaging and relevant
  • Including links to other useful resources for the reader
  • Meta descriptions—a summary of the page content that helps people understand what they will find when they click to your page from Google’s search results page

Local SEO

Local search is an option for businesses with a physical presence that is important for their customer base. Simply put, if you have an office or storefront and your customers are nearby, then local optimization is a smart choice.

Local SEO includes placing your business in an online listing service—the most influential being Google My Business.

Ocean 5 local SEO services include the set-up and maintenance of accurate listings on hundreds of online listing sites.

Is SEO right for my company? SEO launches your business forward for faster business growth.

Why Choose Ocean 5 For Search Engine Optimization?

Expertise, transparency, honesty, and results.

Our SEO subject matter experts have the knowledge, tools, and experience to deliver results…because we really do know how Search Engine Optimization works!

SEO is one arrow in the marketing quiver and, while in isolation it has some value, integrated with other aspects of your marketing plan it can dramatically accelerate your lead generation and sales growth. As a growth agency, we look to your overall business development objectives and determine how, and if, SEO fits into your specific strategy.

Our core values are: add value, we do what we say we will do, and do the right thing. If SEO is the right tool for your business we will tell you—equally we will tell you if it is not.

Our passion for making the complex seem simple means that our SEO reports provide transparent insights into the results derived from your investment. We’ll go over the report with you to make sure everything makes sense.

Data, analysis, and continuous improvement drive the ongoing SEO campaigns to ensure they continue to contribute to your business.


Is SEO Right for My Company—Summary

  • SEO likely has a place in your marketing strategy. Contact us to learn more (we will tell you if it doesn’t!).
  • SEO is most effective when coupled with other sales and marketing activities intended to get your website visitors to engage with your website and ultimately become new clients.
  • SEO is a long-term commitment. It takes time to build and it takes effort to sustain. Don’t waste your money if you plan to abandon the process after a short period.
  • SEO delivers cumulative benefits (vs. online advertising).
  • Track the performance of your investment through key performance indicators
  • Work with a company that is transparent about the actions they are taking to improve your SEO specific campaign.
  • Although there are common elements, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Work with a company that offers clear reporting and an explanation of what they are doing to improve your specific SEO campaign.
  • SEO done well requires knowledge, tools, skills, and time. Errors can have negative consequences. And, as always, you get what you pay for.

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