Washington DC, September 2018—Ocean 5 Strategies® launches at HubSpot’s INBOUND 2018 conference.

Ocean 5 Strategies®, formally SPTandTRUE, unveiled the new name at Inbound 2018 in Boston last week. Kris Brinker, Chief Creative Officer, said: “We are raising the bar for strategic marketing and we’re kicking it off in front of 20,000 people.”

An interview with CEO, Simon Turner, revealed the following about the company.

Q: What Does Ocean 5 Strategies Do?

What we do is help companies make revenue goals a reality. How we do it is by continually improving their sales and marketing performance in four key areas:

1. Strategy: We drive results by implementing personalized programs using our proprietary methodology— SWIMsmStrategy With Implementation and Measurement.

2. Sales Alignment: We get the sales and marketing team on the same page—with a common set of objectives—and establish the processes to improve conversion rates, which drives the sales results.

3. Technology: We use the latest in marketing automation technology to build a platform that converts leads into qualified prospects, with full end-to-end reporting.

4. Expertise: We leverage digital marketing tools such as SEO, social media, and online advertising—combined with offline marketing such as events and conferences—to grow traffic and generate leads.

Q: What is Special About SWIMsm?

SWIMsm is the framework for all our long-term engagements.

We build a strategy that lays out a clear roadmap for achieving the financial (or other) objectives. And then, through the implementation phase, we eliminate wasted spend and reallocate budget to areas of higher return on investment. We also measure key performance indicators so that we can adjust quickly where necessary.

The big difference is that we stay with our clients throughout the entire process. We will build their marketing infrastructure, from a simple website all the way through to the implementation of marketing automation software. But the magic happens when we design and manage campaigns for our clients—both online and offline—and generate highly qualified leads that can be passed into the sales funnel.

Q: Can You Describe Ocean 5’s Value Proposition in a Single Sentence?

We have a very compelling value proposition: Our clients have access to an entire team of marketing professionals, on an as-needed basis, without the overhead of maintaining those skills in-house.

In many cases, the cost is less than a single Full-Time Employee (FTE).

Q: Why the Name Ocean 5?

Historically, four oceans were recognized, but the world is constantly changing, and a fifth ocean has emerged—the Southern Ocean. Most forward-thinking countries, including the US, have embraced that change.

We see a direct parallel in the world of business, sales, and marketing. If companies want to remain competitive they must embrace the changes in buyer behavior and technology—and adopt Ocean 5 Strategies®.

Q: Why Change from SPTandTRUE?

SPTandTRUE is the reflection of a personal journey for me [Simon] and Kris.

Kris started TRUE Creative Services—a graphic design agency—in 2005 and I ran a management consulting firm, Strategic Practical Thinking. The two companies were combined under SPTandTRUE, which was always intended to be a transition brand and it has done its job.

But the company, like our clients, needs to embrace change. Our services have expanded into areas such as marketing automation and content marketing and those are better represented under the Ocean 5 concept.

What’s Next for Ocean 5?

In the short term, we will be working with our clients and partners to make sure the rebranding goes smoothly.

Shortly thereafter we will be launching additional services specifically designed for the clients we help the most: middle market companies with a growth imperative, in the sectors where we have an established track record: IT, SaaS, government contracting, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and home services.

For More Information

Ocean 5 Strategies® is a full-service strategic marketing agency based in Northern Virginia and serving clients throughout the United States.

For more information contact Kris Brinker, [email protected], 703-988-9896, or visit www.Ocean5Strategies.com