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“I knew we would get a great website. What was well beyond my expectation was how much we would learn as Ocean 5 took us through the design and development process. An overall outstanding experience. Within 2 months post-launch, we attracted a multi-million dollar contract opportunity from the growth-driven design work from Ocean 5.”

— E. Dent, Director of Communications, Fincantieri Marine Group

Winner of the 2022 Gold Hermes Award for Business to Government (B2G) Website Design and Development

Ocean 5 designs and builds digital marketing platforms in the form of a fully responsive (mobile-friendly) website—designed and developed to meet each client’s specific business goals. We use a variety of lead capture and conversion tools and techniques to meet the needs specific to each company.

Our examples demonstrate a variety of website features and styles which are appropriate for those companies business objectives and new client acquisition goals.

Client: Fincantieri Marine Group

Industry: B2G | B2B — Manufacturing, Ship Building

O5 Services:  Deep-Dive Website and UX/UI Audit  |  Messaging  |  Website Design and Development  | Content Marketing  |  On-going Strategic Consulting

Fincantieri is one of the world’s largest shipbuilders, employs 19,000 shipbuilding professionals in 18 shipyards on four continents. Fincantieri has a rich history dating back more than 234 years and has built more than 7,000 ships. A shipbuilding powerhouse, U.S.-based Fincantieri Marine Group is uniquely positioned to provide cost-effective solutions to new construction, repair, and conversion challenges for both government and commercial markets. They have produced vessels ranging from the Constellation Class Frigate for the US Navy to the Staten Island Ferry.

Target audiences include end clients, teaming partners, recruitment, and retention of employees.

Primary Goals and Objectives

  1. Audit and consolidate 4 separate websites into one cohesive website presence that will represent the entire portfolio for Fincantieri Marine Group (FMG)
  2. Address the concerns raised during the website assessment, including complex navigation, broken links, and inconsistencies across websites.
  3. Build a website with the appropriate functionality and security.
  4. Establish a marketing platform capable of growing with FMG, including:
    1. Content additions
    2. Lead capture through landing pages with gated content (for future email marketing purposes)
    3. Future integration of additional subdivisions
  5. Retain the SEO value

Performance metrics include traffic, conversions, leads, and other KPIs to align overall business objectives with business development and marketing activities.

Primary Website Objectives

  • Recruit and retain top talent
  • Educate and influence government and commercial decision-makers
  • Attract and retain teaming partners

Use O5 agile growth-driven design (GDD) methodology for:

  • Website Audit
  • Website design and development
  • Continuous improvement
  • Content development

Structure website to become the central hub for lead capture from all marketing campaigns including emails, Google Ads, and organic search. Based on analysis of traffic patterns, optimize user interface in order to guide target audiences through a logical path to become educated, influenced, and engaged.

Time Frame

  • Launch new website in under 90 days
  • Ongoing continuous improvement


The combined resources of our website design and development teams, and content writers—under the guidance of marketing strategists—have established lead generation funnels for highly complex topics such as The Future for LNG Bunkering Barges. Leads are reported monthly and each has the potential for a multimillion-dollar project.