B2B marketing for content marketing and email campaigns

There is a significant overlap in the marketing strategy, business plan, and messaging strategies. Ultimately you will need all three, but it is also quite common for companies to address them one at a time. These are a continuum rather than separate activities. When you align your messaging to your target audience and accelerate sales growth.

Working through this maze takes a disciplined approach, so Ocean 5 developed the Messaging Strategy Workshop.

Messaging at the corporate or product level is typically a stand-alone project or part of a broader strategic planning engagement. Campaign messaging workshops are typically a precursor to a website design project, search engine optimization, advertising, or an email marketing program.

Client: BrightView Landscaping

Industry: B2B | B2G — Facilities Services

O5 Services:  Messaging Strategy Workshop  |  Messaging  |  Content  |  On-going Strategic Consulting

BrightView is the nation’s largest commercial landscape company.

Their markets include commercial, education, healthcare, retail, and sports & leisure.

They offer a wide range of services including design, development, water management, snow & ice management, tree care, maintenance, among others.

Primary Objectives
Accelerating BrightView’s sales growth within targeted segments, establishing primary messaging for targeted segments, establishing a content plan for multichannel marketing campaigns, ongoing development of targeted content.