Outsourced Marketing Solutions—for Home Services Contractors

What You Get

You get outsourced marketing that brings you a full marketing team—with the talent, resources and industry expertise you need—on a fractional basis.

Ocean 5 Strategies® provides access to a fully functional marketing department for home services contractors—giving medium-sized companies access to resources and talent they can rarely otherwise afford. We build the strategy and provide the resources to implement tried and tested marketing programs.


Here are just some of the results our clients have seen:

What We Do


A complete marketing department you can afford

Big company marketing departments typically consists of:

  1. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  2. Marketing Director Marketing
  3. Campaign Manager
  4. Website development
  5. Digital marketing team
  6. Content generation
  7. Creative team Project managers Marketing vendor management
  8. And a host of other resources to complete specific projects
  9. Marketing vendor management

And a host of other resources to complete specific projects.

Ocean 5 Strategies® provides access to all of these resources to home services contracting companies—often at the equivalent cost of just one full time employee.

The CMO builds the strategy and financial plan, the marketing director designs the campaigns, and our marketing managers and project managers lead the individual teams to implement the lead generation programs that deliver the results.

This allows the business owner to focus on what the business owner should be doing…running the business!


We go where other marketing companies don’t

Marketing alone cannot ensure financial results, which is why we also optimize the lead to sales conversion rates by working directly with the sales teams. We also work with the service department to increase the number, value and quality of the leads generated through that channel.

Once we have the sales and marketing machine running smoothly, we improve the operational processes (install and service) where it directly impacts profitable sales growth.

We have developed a system that works—every time—because we set goals, measure the results and adjust the programs as we go. We call our full-focus process The Ocean 5 Strategies® Methodology.

And we’re not afraid of getting dirty! We go the extra mile and spend time in the field with sales, install and service techs, which in our opinion, is time well spent.


218% in profits

Our latest book detailing a story of how Ocean 5 Strategies®. grew an HVAC service company by 34% in sales and 218% in profits.

The improvement in financial performance allowed further investment in growth for the business, as well as improving the owner’s personal wealth. But the big win was the month-long vacations the owner now takes in Florida each year with his family—all because the business can now run without him being there every single day!

This book is available only to home service contracting company owners by request.


Complete digital marketing and creative services

We also provide stand-alone digital marketing solutions in the form of our four increasingly sophisticated online marketing programs:

  • Website design and development
  • Digital marketing—SEO, social media, reputation management and advertising
  • Inbound marketing—lead generation through engagement with prospect and clients
  • Marketing Automation—lead generation and management through sophisticated cloud based software

Ocean 5 Strategies®. provides outsourced marketing solutions for home services contractors with $5-50M in sales—as well as companies passionately committed to getting there.

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“We finally have clarity into how our marketing programs are performing. We can now make informed investment decisions and are seeing positive ROI.”
W. Nixon

CEO, Presidential Heating and Air

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