Aligning Sales, Marketing and Operations

What You Get

You get actions that focus on clearly defined objectives, based on analysis and strategies—that deliver results.


Here are just some of the results our clients have seen:

“In addition to improved sales, profits, and cash flow, working with Ocean 5 Strategies has freed up my personal time to dedicate to other business pursuits and spend quality time with the family. Company growth isn’t just about revenue, it’s about improving lives.”
W. Gelfeld


What We Do

Business Consulting and Management looks across the entire organization—sales, marketing, finance, HR, operations and leadership—to identify opportunities and implement programs that align the business around the sales and new client acquisition targets.

We often start with our Marketing Consulting and Management programs, which takes a deep dive into the sales and marketing pipeline and then expand the scope to accelerate the growth process.

Work with your executive team to identify opportunities and implement action plans to achieve specific business goals, for example: sales growth, profitability, operational efficiencies, organizational alignment and employee engagement.

Establish repeatable processes that impact revenues, new client acquisition and lead conversion rates.


Enable businesses to enhance the capabilities of their internal teams, by leveraging our subject matter experts.


Free business owners and executives to mange day-to-day operations, or other initiatives, while dedicating an appropriate amount of time to achieving the overall strategic goals.

“Professional, honest and worked diligently towards a solution for my business planning needs… I now have a much better understanding of how to set up and run the business successfully… We have already established the benchmarks for tracking monthly performance. ”

R.C. Matthews

President, Arsiem Corporation

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