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The term “user experience” – or UX – refers to a website visitor’s perception of how the site looks, functions and facilitates the achievement of that visitor’s goals.

But why is UX important?

Ask 100 web designers why sites need to have a great UX and 99 of them are likely to say it’s because Google says so.

Yes, Google places significant emphasis on the user experience and, if it finds your site lacking, you’re likely to take a hit in your search engine results placement. However, there are many other reasons why you need to maximize your site’s UX.

Foremost among those reasons is that, the better the user’s experience, the more likely they are to stick around and get converted from prospect to customer. They will trust your brand more deeply, and their loyalty will increase, earning you an ever-growing base of long-term customers.

Yes, the user experience is that important.

Here are a few basic tips that will help you improve your site’s

No. 1: Solve Problems

Consider this the prime directive in crafting an outstanding UX. Visitors come to your site for a reason. Whether they need information, answers, service, products or something else, identify those needs and then provide ready solutions. Use whatever tools and elements necessary to ensure visitors find their answers quickly and easily. Otherwise your site will create more problems than it solves for your visitors.

No. 2: Banish Distraction

Graphic designers have been extolling the virtues of white space since the dawn of the printing press. But this principle has never been more relevant than it is today. Maintain plenty of space around and between elements. This helps eliminate confusion and guides the user’s focus where you want it to be. Consistency is also critical. Ensure that elements are located in the same place on every page. Maintain consistency with colors, fonts and other visual elements. Break up large blocks of text with bullets, numbered lists and other elements that add visual interest.

No. 3: Leverage Logic

If you’ve ever tried to accomplish something on a website, only to become frustrated when you can’t figure out how, you know how important logical site organization is. Whatever behavior you’re trying to drive (schedule an appointment, sign up for an ebook, make a purchase, etc.) make sure the process is readily apparent. Likewise, ensure your site’s navigation structure is simple and straightforward. Visitors won’t stick around today to look for a needle – or even a boulder – in a haystack.

No. 4: Respond, Respond, Respond

If your site isn’t highly responsive in today’s attention-deficient world, you’re doomed before you start. Optimize for every potential platform, from smartphones to smart watches and even gaming system platforms and ensure the response of every page is lightning-fast. Otherwise, visitors will bounce before they ever read a word and Google will relegate you to the bottom of the search results.

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